APHEXIA is a solo electronic music project by composer / producer / vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Ophelia Sullivan.

Perhaps best described by the term 'Post-Progressive Electronica', APHEXIA's sound is characterized by complex percussion patterns, spherical soundscapes and an indulgent melodic playfulness as well as brutally drilling basses and crystal clear beats. In particular it is characterized by its genre-subverting diversity of musical styles showcased, not simply next to each other but deeply interwoven and merged to form an absolutely unique new sound, Its stylistic components ranging from Electronica and IDM to contemporary bass music to Trip Hop to Post-Rock and jazzy Post-Prog. Combined with Ophelia Sullivan's typical polyphonic vocals the project has a distinctly multifaceted and emotionally overwhelming sound. APHEXIA's work is a journey through the creative mind of a person deeply in love with music itself and completely committed to utilizing its power for artistic forms of resistance.

Photo by Clemens Richardson Photo by Clemens Richardson

Aphexia live @ Studio Bar Hildesheim Photo by Klementine Medved

APHEXIA plays concerts as a solo artist with live electronics, instruments and vocals, accompanied by video projections. aphexia has performed live shows at some of the most relevant European festivals for underground and progressive music such as Chaos Theory Festival (London), Maschinenfest (Oberhausen), Audiotrauma Fest (Prague), Elektroanschlag (Altenburg), Katharsis (Hamburg) and Noize of Life (Mannheim).


in april 2021 aphexia released the new album entitled "Interdependence". it covers themes of identity, self-conception and social determinism, how the perception of others shapes our individuality and how we all suffer under our ineradicable complicity in systemic injustices - collectively and individually, as victims and as abusers. "Interdependence" is all about the interdependences of desire, will and predisposition, Resistance against systems we ourselves are an integral part of. It deals with the internalized ideals of capitalism infiltrating the self-conception of a person deeply opposed to capitalism, internalized ideals around gender, ideals around the idea of the artist. It deals with the eternal failure to meet your own demands and what it costs us to be aware of our own inner repressive systems.


Aphexia - Album Artwork by Kian Schwabe, Layout by Lene Gadewoll

"Interdependence" tells stories about the entanglements of anxieties and ideals that are constantly redefined by the deep imprints other persons leave on our souls.


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