ABOUT Ophelia Sullivan

Ophelia Sullivan is a composer, music producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and mixing engineer from Germany, currently finishing her master's degree in Production & Composition.

Ophelia has been releasing music and performing live concerts since 2014. She has been particularly active in electronic and experimental music with their two solo projects ecstasphere and aphexia, having released six albums and three EPs so far, and having played at some of the most relevant European festivals for underground electronic and progressive music, such as Maschinenfest, Chaos Theory Festival, Audiotrauma Fest, Elektroanschlag and many more.

Ophelia has also toured with german Prog Rock / Prog Metal Band SOulsplitter as their live vocalist in 2019 and 2020, including a concert at the infamous euroblast festival.

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Ophelia also works as a composer for theater, performance, film, games and other artistic projects, with a particular focus on dance theater in recent years, having created music for productions at renowned institutions such as Staatstheater Mainz, EinTanzHaus Mannheim and berliner festspiele. Ophelia's composition work is generally characterized by indulgent experimentation with contrast, unconventional musical structures, genre subversion and an affinity for combinations of electronic and acoustic sounds and methods.


Right now Ophelia is working on a new music project. Here Ophelia combinES the best of three worlds: electronic music, band music and orchestral music. the project will showcasE ophelia's  songwriting and vocals much more prominently.

For the upcoming debut album ophelia is working with a number of talented instrumentalists and recording strings with a small orchestra and a string quartet.

More info on this project soon.

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short and simple

active in projects / Bands: ophelia sullivan, aphexia, ecstasphere, isolierzelle stahlschwanger

skills: composition, arrangement, music production, sound design, mixing (especially electronic music), DJing

instruments: vocals, guitar, bass, keys

daws: cubase (expert), logic, ableton, pro tools

genres: electronica, experimental, idm, ambient, post-progressive, post-Rock, trip Hop, rhythmic Noise, industrial, dubstep, breakbeat, drum & Bass, breakcore, progressive metal, progressive rock, doom ...

Education: bachelor's degree in systematic musicology, master's degree in composition and production (graduation in 2022)