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Ophelia Sullivan (they/them) is a composer, music producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Leipzig, Germany. Previously known for their work in electronic and experimental music (SEE ECSTASPHERE AND APHEXIA) as well as having been a live vocalist for GERMAN Progressive Metal band Soulsplitter, Ophelia's new solo project is located at the intersection of electronic music, band music and orchestral music.
Its stylistic components include but are not limited to Post-Progressive, Avant-Pop, Trip Hop, Electronica and Post-Rock.
Ophelia's music is never confined to a single genre - the central idea is juxtaposing and merging supposedly unrelated styles.

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The 2023 debut album "Disposable Identity" is the culmination of eight years of work. First drafts of some of the songs were already written in 2014/2015, continuously revisited and revised over the years, but it took until 2021 for Ophelia to begin the actual production process. They collaborated with a long list of talented guest instrumentalists and recorded string arrangements with a small orchestra as well as with a string quartet. The sound brings to mind Steven Wilson and Chelsea Wolfe just as much as it draws from Björk and Portishead. Contrast is at the heart of the album - light and dark, hard and soft, restless and hypnotic. Lyrically, it is an extremely personal journey through Ophelia Sullivan's biography and deals with themes of mental health, otherness, sexuality and vulnerability through a decidedly queer lense.

"Disposable Identity" was released 30 October 2023 via Bandcamp and streaming platforms.


Ophelia also works as a composer for theater, performance, film, games and other artistic projects, with a particular focus on dance theater in recent years, having created music for productions at renowned institutions such as Staatstheater Mainz, EinTanzHaus Mannheim and berliner festspiele. Ophelia's composition work is generally characterized by indulgent experimentation with contrast, unconventional musical structures, genre subversion and an affinity for combinations of electronic and acoustic sounds and methods.


Photo by Viyan Land

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short and simple

active in projects / Bands: ophelia sullivan, aphexia, ecstasphere, isolierzelle stahlschwanger

skills: composition, arrangement, music production, sound design, mixing (especially electronic music), DJing

instruments: vocals, guitar, bass, keys

daws: cubase (expert), logic, ableton, pro tools

genres: electronica, experimental, idm, ambient, post-progressive, AVANT-POP, post-Rock, trip Hop, rhythmic Noise, industrial, dubstep, breakbeat, drum & Bass, breakcore, progressive metal, progressive rock, doom ...

Education: bachelor's degree in systematic musicology, master's degree in composition and production

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