ECSTASPHERE is a solo electronic music project by composer / producer / vocalist / multi-instrumentalist Ophelia Sullivan.

A deep, warm, organic interpretation of Rhythmic Noise music meets complex beats and extravagant melodic architectures. The music is  rooted in the (Post-)Industrial aesthetic, combined with playful mixtures of elements from various musical genres, including Metal, Prog, classical music, Dubstep and Breakcore.

With the occasional addition of Ophelia’s polyphonic vocals, a unique sound emerges, characterized by sharp contrasts and a dense, haunting atmosphere.

Photo by Clemens Richardson Photo by Clemens Richardson

Ecstasphere - Album Artwork by Kian Schwabe, Layout by Lene Gadewoll

ECSTASPHERE’s recent work comes with a more pronounced political undercurrent than the earlier releases. it comments on the ongoing rise of fascism we are observing all over the world right now, how it is a result of the catastrophic and inhumane late-stage capitalism that shapes us all, and that the social decay we are experiencing is a reflection of our own inner decay and vice versa.

ThE anti-fascist themes are especially pronounced on ecstasphere's last album "Transgressions: Documenting Decay".

ECSTASPHERE plays concerts as a solo artist with live electronics, instruments and vocals, accompanied by video projections.

ECSTASPHERE has performed live shows at some of the most relevant European festivals for underground and progressive music such as Chaos Theory Festival (London), Maschinenfest (Oberhausen), Wave-GOtik-Treffen (Leipzig), Audiotrauma Fest (Prague), Elektroanschlag (Altenburg), Katharsis (Hamburg) and Noize of Life (Mannheim).  ecstasphere has also played at the legendary kitkat club berlin and lots of other smaller club gigs all over europE.

Photo by Mick Irmer Photo by Mick Irmer






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